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Chef & Owner


I am a proud Haitian- American woman who had a vision for the future of food. It is no surprise that in the Haitian culture and many other cultures that meat, seafood and dairy are the main ingredients used to create food. However, I wanted to take a different approach and create foods that were familiar, but more health conscious . I started this entrepreneur journey from my home kitchen. I would recipe test Vegan Haitian Patties (a non vegan popular food item in the Haitian culture) for a few friends who were wowed at how amazing it had tasted. That quickly turned into me driving around the city of Boston making deliveries for other people who were interested. Then soon enough I was selling my patties at two restaurants. My journey so far has brought me to this catering path. I've been able to create so many familiar yet delicious dishes without the meat, dairy, or seafood and I turned it into a business. I am very proud for how far I've come and proud of Discovers Vegans and I hope that I can continue to make an impact in this world through my food.